By Simon Plumb

A confident Monte Barrett (35-9-2, 20KOs) takes a 2kg advantage into tomorrow night's heavyweight fight against Shane Cameron (28-2, 21KOs).

At this afternoon's weigh-in, Cameron tipped the scales at 97.4kg [214.7-pounds] while a formidable-looking Barrett was 99.3kg [218.9-pounds].

When Cameron dabbled in the obligatory pre-bout smack-talk, Barrett replied simply with "F*** Shane Cameron".

Despite earlier plans for Jaime Ridge and Rosanna Arkle to weigh in at 55kg, Ridge tipped the scales at 60.7kg today giving her a 7kg advantage over The GC star who was 53.6kg.

In the undercard grudge match between cricketer Jesse Ryder and broadcaster Mark Watson, the talkback host, who has been called out by Ryder over on-air comments, is giving away a massive 10kg.

Ryder, who said he shed 6kg over the last four weeks, weighed in at 104.4kg, compared to Watson's 94.5kg.

In typical DJ style, and on three separate occasions at the weigh-in, Watson acknowledged the situation as "it is what it is".

"I understand the significance [of the weight disadvantage]," Watson said.

"I'm going to have to be smart, I've got some strategies.

"But I still back my fitness."