One of the great mysteries that Mexican boxing will have forever is what would have happened if four-time world champions Erik 'El Terrible' Morales and Juan Manuel 'Dinamita' Marquez would had met in the ring.

But a common opponent, three-time champion Marco Antonio Barrera, gave his version of what could have happened in the ring.

Barrera, Morales and Márquez are undoubtedly within the top ten in Mexican boxing history.

Barrera faced Morales three times, defeating him in two of those fights, while against Juan Manuel he fought only once and lost a unanimous decision, although in that fight there were some questionable calls by the referee.

There were some discussions years ago, for a Morales vs. Marquez bout, but they two sides were never able to get a deal together.

“It would have been very good (fight), Juan Manuel Márquez is an excellent counter-puncher, the best in Mexico. I think he's right up there with Canelo Alvarez with his excellent counterattack. [Márquez] is a fighter who is looking for you, he does not have a great punch, but he is accurate," explained Barrera to ESPN Deportes.

"On the other hand, Morales is the opposite, he has a punch that is criminal.. every time he hits you it's like heaven moved you. I faced them both, but I would have leaned a little bit for Morales [to win]."

However, he also spoke about what made Morales fail in the ring.

"Erik is a fighter who heats up very quickly and that is where I won. I said things to him, made him throw, I made him lose concentration, because if he set down at a long distance, he wouldn't have let me do anything. If I let him do his boxing, I would never have been able to get in, he had long arms, and to me he is one of the hardest punchers in boxing."