Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum has been around the sport for over 50 years - and he's heard countless post-fight excuses in that long stretch of time.

It was no surprise to Arum, when Jeff Horn and some of his handlers were unwilling to give full credit to Terence Crawford in the aftermath of their welterweight showdown.

Last weekend at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Crawford dominated Horn in a one-sided fight and stopped him in the ninth round to capture the WBO welterweight title.

After the fight was over, Glenn Rushton - the head trainer for Horn (18-1-1, 12 KOs) - revealed a mishap with his boxer's shoes in the days leading up to the Crawford (33-0, 24 KOs) fight.

According to Rushton, his boxer forgot his training shoes in Australia - and as a result, Horn was forced wear in a new pair as he prepared for the bout - and those shoes created severe blisters all over his feet.

"Unfortunately he got really bad blisters over here. He made a mistake and only packed one pair of shoes so he was a pair short," Rushton said to Daily Mail.

"He forgot his training shoes so his dad went out and bought him a new pair of Nikes here but they just gave him horrendous blisters. Two days before the fight, I was up squeezing huge amounts of liquid out of these blisters on his feet just so he could move because he could hardly move for the last four or five days out here.

Arum rolled his eyes at the claim of Horn not being 100% due to having bad blisters on the feet.

"The Australian fighters conduct themselves different from our guys. Our guys would never — even if that were the case — they would never make an excuse like that. Because with Federal Express, it would take a day to get the shoes sent over. And Horn was here for 10 days. And what, is he waking up and suddenly getting blisters the night of the fight? He was training for 10 days here and there weren’t any blisters?," Arum told Michael Woods of the Everlast 'Talkbox' podcast.