Top Rank president Todd DuBoef explains that WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury "makes his own decisions" when it comes to his career.

Fury is co-promoted by Top Rank and Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions.

The 'Gypsy King' saw action back in December, when he battered Derek Chisora for a stoppage win in their trilogy fight.

In the first quarter of this year, Fury was in serious discussions to make an undisputed fight with WBO, WBA, IBF, IBO champion Oleksandr Usyk.

The two boxers were able to agree on a deal for the initial fight, but they were unable to finalize the financial split for the rematch. Usyk was willing to do a 70-30 split in Fury's favor for the first bout, but he wanted a 70-30 split in his own favor for the rematch. Fury wanted a 50-50 split in the rematch.

Fury would like to fight in the summer, but his next return is up in the air.

"He makes his own decisions about when he wants to fight, we try to facilitate that," DuBoef told Sky Sports. "For having the best Tyson Fury in the ring, it's about frequency, and - any fighter actually - the more you fight, the more you're out there, you're razor sharp.

"Tyson likes to be razor sharp. That's my impression. He likes to be active. It's unfortunate we couldn't put that Usyk fight together in the timeframe we all wanted to in the spring. I think he should be back in the ring but those are his decisions. He always says he's in a better mindset when training and getting ready for a fight, and if it's for Usyk or whatever fight out there I think it's always good to have him. He's such a great entertainer and he's a pleasure to watch. The more he fights the better for everybody."

Top Rank's CEO, Bob Arum, believes the Fury-Usyk fight is still possible.

Reportedly, investors in the Middle East are willing to pay a lot of money to secure the rights to that showdown. 

For the last few weeks, there has been heavy talk that these investors are very interested in staging a doubleheader event with Fury facing Usyk and Anthony Joshua fighting Deontay Wilder - and the winners would be matched at a later date.

Arum has no idea if any of that will actually become reality.

"Talks aren't progressed, but there's time for those talks to happen," Arum said, per BoxingNews+. "I hope, particularly since they're throwing out all this money, that this doubleheader does take place, but I have no idea at all whether it's realistic. No idea.

"Again, the money that allegedly the Saudis would put up for that fight far exceeds the money that the fight is going to earn any place else in the world. Whether it happens, that they put it up and the fight takes place, or they don't put it up and the fighters have to maximize revenue, that will determine where that fight goes.

"I'm not optimistic, I'm not pessimistic. It's a crazy question. It's out of my hands, you understand? I don't have the money the Saudis have so I can't talk about the willingness of someone in a country to put up the money that's being talked about. So what do I know? I'm not going to be optimistic or a pessimist."