Gone are the days of hulking, burly heavyweights, seemingly too uncoordinated to tie their shoes, let alone rip off lightning-fast combinations. Yet, in the case of Jared “Big Baby” Anderson, the American sensation has provided a bit of sizzle to a normally mundane division.

As the 23-year-old continues to make his way up the ranks, Andre Ward has kept a watchful eye on his development. While he stands strong at 6'4" and a chiseled 240 plus pounds, Ward has concluded that the speed and velocity in which Anderson unleashes his punches from, is unlike many in the land of the big men.

“He’s a small man trapped in a big man’s body,” said Ward during an interview on Max on Boxing. “Three, four, five punch combinations but then defensively, he also moves and acts like a small man.”

In just a few short hours, Anderson (12-0, 12 KOs) will have the eyes of the boxing world fixated upon him. Slotted safely in the co-main event in New York’s Madison Square Garden, the hard-hitting prospect is scheduled to take on rough and rugged contender, Jerry Forrest.

Uninterested in playing the role of a proverbial speed bump, Forrest has promised to do his best to end Anderson’s hype train. However, despite his ambitions, Forrest (26-5-2, 20 KOs) has fallen on hard times. With a record consisting of just 1-3-2 over a three-year span, the 34-year-old is hoping for more consistency.

In any event, regardless of Forrest looking to turn things around, Ward simply isn't a believer. In fact, while on paper Forrest represents the most difficult challenge of Anderson’s young career, Ward doubts wholeheartedly that he’ll provide the American star with any sort of challenge come fight night.

“The more professional he becomes outside the ring, the more dangerous he’s gonna be inside the ring. He won’t have any problem with Jerry Forrest come Saturday night.”