In a recent interview, Amir Khan expressed his concerns regarding a lack of drug testing for his upcoming fight with fellow former world champion Kell Brook.

The long-awaited contest is scheduled to take place on February 19, at the Manchester Arena.

Khan has been inactive since July 2019, while Brook last fought in November of 2020.

The Bolton boxer is currently training in Colorado with new coach Brian McIntyre, who is best known for his work with former WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford. Coincidently, it was Crawford who knocked Brook out in the Sheffield boxer's last fight.

Khan has trained in the past with other high-profile coaches like Virgil Hunter and Freddie Roach.

To ensure both sides have an even playing field, Khan has instructed sports lawyer Geoff Cunningham to get the testing procedure rolling. 

"I just sent a message to my wife the other day. I also copied my lawyer into it and it said 'Can you please push whoever, Sky or Boxxer, Mr Shalom, Ben Shalom, saying the testing needs to be done'. I mean, I'm sat here, there's no testing being done, why? I'm waiting to be tested. I'm the one who had to push that. I said, 'Look, why's the tests not been done?' It's a bit strange," Khan told IFL TV.

"Testing normally gets done when I normally work with VADA, or USADA it normally gets done like straight away. At a press conference they could turn up. But for some reason, I've been in camp for four weeks and there's no testing which has been done, which I find quite weird. Geoff Cunningham said to me, look it's in there, but I've not been tested yet and it's coming up to like my fifth week of training. I'm like, 'What's going on?' We want to be tested, I want to be tested because it gives me that peace of mind knowing that it's a fair fight."