Considered one of the most feared punchers in the history of professional female boxing, Amanda Serrano, a native of the town of Carolina in Puerto Rico, wants to break the record of knockout victories currently held by the now retired Hall of Famer Christy Martin, who has 32 wins before the limit.

Serrano has registered 40 victories, of which 30 have been on the fast track.

"I like to fight forward and put pressure. My heart as a Puerto Rican warrior wants to end the fights early so that the message is more forceful," Serrano said.

"I never imagined being close to Christy Martin in knockout victories. It was something I did not have in mind and now, with God in front of me, I will work very hard to put Puerto Rico back in the Guinness Book when I reach victory number 33. by knockout. I believe that by 2022 we will achieve it. "

The first time that Serrano appeared in the 'Guinness World Records' book, was in June 2019, officially at the Puerto Rican Parade in New York, where she received the certification as the first and so far, the only exponent of Women's professional boxing, to win world championships in seven weight classes.

This Sunday, August 29 in Cleveland, Serrano will defend her featherweight world championships of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Organization (IBO) and the World Boxing Council (WBC), against the WBC's super bantamweight world champion Yamileth Mercado from Mexico, in a brawl that will be broadcast live on SHOWTIME PPV, starting at 8pm ET.

"I like war and my opponent too. Due to our styles, this fight will not reach the limit. This Sunday, we will steal the show and more with the special touch of the sports rivalry between Puerto Rico and Mexico," Serrano explained.