Over the holiday season, the Eye of the Tiger Management’s team continued its efforts to keep boxing healthy. In addition to securing a new three-year deal with TVA Sports, EOTTM has acquired two promising new Canadian boxers.

It was a few days before Christmas that the general manager of EOTTM, Antonin Décarie, contacted the team of Quebec's top prospect, Alexandre Gaumont, with the objective of making him a new tiger.

Originally from Gatineau, the very tough 25-year-old slugger has boxing in his blood. This powerful athlete is trained by his father, Marcelin Gaumont, at the BG Buckingham boxing club and continues to record victories by knockout since the start of his career in the amateur ranks. With a massive physique and incredible musculature, this middleweight has an aggressive boxing style that many compare to that of a certain Gennadiy Golovkin.

“I was very happy to get Antonin’s call because we hoped to sign with EOTTM from the start. At 25, I think it’s the perfect time to make the leap into pro because I’m strong and ready now. I am aware that I am a boxer with good punching power , but I want to demonstrate that I am a complete boxer. We're going to take it one fight at a time because so far that’s what’s been working and I want to make sure people remember my name," said Alexandre Gaumont.

EOTTM adds to start to the year the signing of new Calgary tigress, Bree Howling (2-0-0). The latter started her career in Muay Thai and caught Eye of the Tiger Management’s eye from her beginnings in professional boxing notably for her passion, presence, technique and remarkable punch. Possessing an immaculate record up to now, Jared Velasquez's protégé trains with the excellent warrior Steve Claggett (29-6-2, 19 KOs) and does not plan on cutting any corners in an attempt to wow everyone when she starts out with EOTTM.

“I’m very excited to get this opportunity so early on in my career. I couldn't ask for better than signing with the best promotion team in Canada. I know by stature I am a 118lb petite blonde and I know I will surprise people with my aggressive boxing style and showing them that I have character in the ring. I want to bring several world titles back to Canada," explains Bree Howling.