Hard-punching light heavyweight fan favorite Ahmed Elbiali says he can’t wait to show off the new skills he’s developed while working with trainer and former world super bantamweight champion Clarence “Bones” Adams.

Cairo-born Elbiali (20-1, 17 KOs) relocated from his adopted home in Miami three years ago to work with Adams at his private gym in Las Vegas and, at first, things didn’t go as well as hoped.

“Bones’ style took some getting used to,” admits Elbiali. “He’s very direct and it used to hurt my feelings sometimes, but now I know he’s a very realistic guy who just tells it like it is to help you improve. The whole environment in Vegas is different. People in Vegas are not as happy as people in Miami. Everyone who shows up to the gym in Vegas is grumpy. In Miami, the skies are always blue. You go outside in Vegas and its straight smog and heat. Now I get it.”

Once acclimated, Elbiali says the improvements in his technique were astonishing. “I think Bones is a great coach and he’s helped me to improve a lot as both a fighter and a person. We started over from the basics and everything is different now. Bones helped me realize a lot of things. I’m really excited to come back because I have so many new skills to show.”

30-year-old Elbiali, who was last seen demolishing former NABO champion Bryan Vera by sixth-round TKO in December 2019, says he’s living a clean life and working hard to reach his goal of becoming boxing’s first Egyptian-born world champion.

“Being a fighter in Vegas is the best. All these great fighters are helping me. I’ve been sparring with undefeated Russian cruiserweight, Andrey Mangushev, and learning a lot. The whole environment is great.”

With the pandemic sure to wind down eventually, boxing will go back to business as usual with live fans and fight cards all over the world every weekend. Elbiali, who is hoping to return to the ring in June, says he’s just biding his time until he can unleash his new-and-improved fists on the 175-lb division.

“I really love what I do. I can’t wait to get back in there. I am going balls to the walls from now on and leaving nothing to the judges. Like a lot of fighters, I just want to fight. Fighting is our profession, so when we don’t make money we struggle mentally. It doesn’t feel nice as a man to not be where you want to be in life. I can’t say its all about the money though. I want to prove myself and show how much I love what I do.”

Elbiali will be back in the ring soon with date and details to be announced shortly.